Tiffany Chan, Europa, LUME Lab ft. Louis Siu, The David Bowie Knives @賽馬會街頭音樂系列五月號 Jockey Club Street Music Series May

Time:5:15pm – 8pm
Venue:Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Free Admission 免費入場

陳蔚琦Tiffany Vicky Chan (唱作人Singer-songwriter)

Europa (New Ease)

LUME Lab featuring Louis Siu 邵俊傑 (實驗音樂Experimental Music)

The David Bowie Knives (獨立搖滾 Indie Rock)


陳蔚琦Tiffany Vicky Chan (唱作人Singer-songwriter)


自少熱愛音樂,精通小號、鋼琴、結他等多樣樂器,17歲與朋友自資推出全創作專輯《URealife》,其後推出EP《Rockertude》及《A Token of Memories》。

曾於香港舉辦兩次個人演唱會,亦曾獲邀參與多個大型音樂會的演出,包括2013台灣貢寮海洋音樂祭、StreetVoice HK香港大團誕生(開發場二)及國際唱片業協會(香港)LiveTube音樂會。在2014台灣春天吶喊音樂節的演出更獲一致好評。

Tiffany Vicky Chan is a 20-year old Hong Kong independent singer-songwriter. She is now studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA majoring in Songwriting.

Tiffany has strong passion in music since her early childhood. She has released her debut EP Rockertude in 2012 and A Token of Memories in 2013.

In the last two years, Tiffany has held two solo concerts in Hong Kong and performed in several live gigs including 2013 Gongliao International Rock Festival in Taiwan, StreetVoice HK The Next Big Thing and HK IFPI LiveTube Concert. Her performance in 2014 Spring Scream Music Festival in Kenting, Taiwan has received overwhelming response from the audiences.

Europa (New Ease)
流麗編曲滲以亂中有序的德語詩詞,瑞士樂隊Europa以達達式情歌呈現後現代生活的無力感,繼續將歐洲獨有之庸俗美學發揚光大。Europa發展出自己獨特的一套New Airiness音樂模式,透過充滿玩味的編曲與大眾對話。

EUROPA is a Swiss Pop band. They play great Hits. Their delicate texts with influences from Bertold Brecht, Marlene Dietrich, Rio Reiser are about eternal and essential things: Women, Wine, Life & Death. Butterflies. Never are they political. Between the lines, there is nothing to read. Besides, you won’t understand most of the texts unless you speak German. Doesn’t matter. You will be taken away by their elegant performance: Like a beautiful lady on a white bull (a god in disguise), riding over the ocean. From East to West.
EUROPA is the band of New Ease.
The expression Neue Leichtigkeit (New Ease) is an analogy to the music of Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). New Ease manifests itself in the lax treatment of existing song material and the almost dadaistic jumbling of german poetry with kitsch. In an unusual way EUROPA comments on the crisis of the post-modern society with seemingly simple love songs. New Ease is more than just a genre of music; New Ease is a way of life!

LUME Lab featuring Louis Siu 邵俊傑 (實驗音樂Experimental Music)


Prepare for a performance of experimental street music, where everyday objects are transformed through cutting-edge technology into adventurous sonic experiences! Performers from City U’s Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression will take you through a sonic journey with “spray cans”, “space plants”, “canvas” and ways of making music that bewilder your imagination, experimenting with new gestures and interfaces for music making. Coupled with percussionist extrordinaire Louis Siu, you are sure to enjoy a one of a kind night of musical novelty.

The David Bowie Knives (獨立搖滾 Indie Rock)

DBKs多年來帶給香港觀眾aural sex,然而就像陳年佳釀,愈老愈甘!

曾在不同的城市不同的人群中演出,DBKs終於在2013年4月醞釀出首張大碟《Weapons of Mass Seduction》。DBKs深受搖滾裡的一切好物所影響,例如威士忌、轟音。

The DBKs have been administering aural sex in Hong Kong for frickin’ ages, yet like a fine wine, we get better with age!

They’ve played to all sorts of crowds in all sorts of cities, culminating in the release of their debut album Weapons of Mass Seduction in April 2013. They are influenced by all the good things in rock and roll, for example whisky and loud noises.

Co-presented by: Hong Kong Arts Centre and Kung Music Workshop
Major Funder: Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
Curator: Kung Chi Shing

主要捐助機構: 香港賽馬會慈善信託基金



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